Sunday, February 20, 2011

Andrew McCarthy: "Not a Perversion of Islam, But Islam"

Today at National Review Online Andrew McCarthy again speaks truth about the world's worst religion, Islam. He articulates the fact that violence by Islam against apostates and infidels is not a perversion of Islam, but obedience to its clearly stated doctrines.

The massive self-deception of the Western world on this question is mind-boggling.  Very few on either the left or the right want to admit this truth:  the terrorists are not perverting Islam, they are practicing it.

There are many pundits who continue embarrassing themselves by claiming the terrorists have "hijacked a religion," but this is pure nonsense.  Sean Hannity is one of these self-deceiving bunko artists, and I wish I could give him a good shake to wake him up.

There are far leftists who make it their personal religion to defend the most odoriferous evil.  The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of these.  They recently have attacked Pamela Geller for her anti-Islamization activities, asserting that opposition to a violent ideology is somehow "racist."  When the masses of conquered infidels (you and me) are once again led to the public square to be beheaded by twos, Mark Potok and Morris Dees will holding the scimitars of our executioners.

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