Friday, February 11, 2011

The Inspiration of Barack Obama Delivers Egypt Unto Democracy and Enlightenment

Well, not really, but listening to Obama's flowery and phony speech today, one gets the impression that it was Obama's speech in Egypt in July 2009 that inspired the Egyptian uprising.  Obama is convinced that the Egyptian people's popular clamor for Mubarak's ouster is a prelude to democracy, freedom, enlightenment, multiculturalism and religious tolerance.   Obama is a living icon of self-delusion.  Never before in the annals of mankind has such a monstrous ego rested upon a less substantial foundation.  Obama directing the policies of the most powerful nation on earth is the equivalent of Pee Wee Herman leading the allied invasion of Europe in 1944.  All Obama lacks is the red bow tie.

Polls show that most Egyptians hate America, hate Israel, support Sharia and support the Muslim Brotherhood, a group of religious fanatics who want the full weight of their bloody religion to crush Egyptian civilization for centuries to come.  Rather than freedom and democracy, the Egyptian revolution will most probably usher in a new era of repression, intolerance and religious fanaticism, all overseen by a dictatorship of the mullahs.

Of course, harsh and bleak reality is no match for Democrat self-delusion, wishful thinking and wildly optimistic fantasies.


The Griper said...

"Polls show that most Egyptians hate America, hate..."

are you describing the Egyptians or the Left in our nation? the description seems to fit both factions, doesn't it?

Stogie said...


Always On Watch said...

Obama supporters, including the media of course, actually believe that Obama has changed Egypt for the better.

We shall see about that. I expect shari'a to "take over."

Bartender Cabbie said...

In six months or less the region will be in flames. If I were a betting man my money would be on it. Perhaps the Vegas sports books should take some of that action.

pjm said...

It will be interesting how this unfolds. I have hope that people want freedom, and this is the first steps. But we have seen revolutions hijacked by groups with ulterior motives. Clearly the Muslim Brotherhood will try to make their move, but hopefully they will not be allowed to do so.

Ironically this is the result of a global financial meltdown. Times were not good for many of the Egyptian citizenry... lots of poverty, and basically a hard life. Add the economy going south, the loss of jobs, the inflationary food prices, and they have had enough. I feel the revolution was started by those that felt they had nothing to lose.

Should Obama get any credit ... no. Was the Muslim Brotherhood behind it... no. But they both are trying to worm their way into it.

Generally I am not an optimist... but I am hopeful that this goes the right direction. This could be the stepping stone that Bush hoped Iraq was going to be. Or it may prove that our hopes of any Democracy in the Middle East is nothing more that a naive dream.