Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Italy: A Banana Republic? Parents of Amanda Knox Indicted for "Libel"

The disgustingly puerile, vindictive and asinine government of Perugia, Italy has struck again.  First, they sentenced the Knox's daughter to 25 years in prison for murder, based on nothing but the fantasies of a corrupt prosecutor and a forced (and later proven to be false) confession by the daughter, Amanda Knox.

Knox's parents gave an interview to a British newspaper where they alleged (truthfully) that their daughter had been subjected to a long and abusive interrogation by the Perugia Keystone Kops, and slapped in the back of the head (to help her "remember").  Now the Perugian Banana Republic wants to put Knox's parents on trial for their interview with the Brit newspaper, on the charge of "libel."  Disgusting behavior by a local Italian government with a great (and well deserved) inferiority complex.

Planning a vacation in Italy?  Change your plans.  See Britain or France instead.  As an American, you will have a lesser chance of being arrested, framed, imprisoned or indicted.

Read it all here.

Also read about the facts of the frame-up here:  Injustice in Perugia.


oldowl64 said...

I can't believe what you idiots are printing.
You are just know-nothing,shameless people

Stogie said...

Sez you

Anonymous said...

Imagine having the freedom to criticize a government. I prefer the 4th of July, American style! I most certainly hope that I can say so from here across the pond, don't want to be googled and brought up on charges in Italy.

Stogie said...

Anon, yes the ruthless and apparently unstable prosecutor there has sued several people for criticizing him on the web. He seems to be at war with the whole world.