Monday, August 01, 2011

Melanie Phillips: "Hatred, Smears and Liberals Bullying Us Into Silence"

It should be crystal clear to all Republicans and conservatives that the left/Democrats have a "scorched earth" policy for conservative thought, arguments and opinions.  Conservative opinion must be shut down hard, with ruthless tactics if needed, to achieve a liberal monopoly on public discourse.

The situation is not improving as time goes on.  The Tuscon and Norway shootings, where people were killed by lunatics, have been blamed on conservative opinions and conservative personalities.  The reason is simple:  such blame gives the liberals a satisfying outlet for their hatred while denigrating their political enemies.

This is to be expected from the kook fringe of the far left, but such ruthless verbal warfare is not limited to them. Major newspapers, pundits and politicians join in, only too happy to poison the public opinion that has been increasingly against them.  Now Brit writer Melanie Phillips fights back with her post "Hatred, Smears and Liberals Bullying Us Into Silence."  It's worth your attention.

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