Saturday, August 06, 2011

Milwaukee Issues Press Release on Racial Turmoil at State Fair: "We're Reaping the Harvest We've Sown"

Two aldermen of the City of Milwaukee have issued a press release addressing the black-on-white attacks at the Wisconsin State Fair.  In the press release, they did something unprecedented:  they placed the blame on the black community, where in fact it actually belongs.

The press release states:
We’re Reaping the Harvest We’ve Sown
Statement of Alderman Bob Donovan and Alderman Joe Dudzik
August 5, 2011 

As elected officials, we are shocked and concerned about the senseless violence
displayed by the large mob outside State Fair Park last night. On behalf of our city, we
apologize to the victims and good patrons who endured or witnessed such horrific
Sadly, what transpired near State Fair Park last night is only the most recent mob riot
spawned by a culture of violence that has been brewing in Milwaukee for some time.
And let’s face it, it also has much to do with a deteriorating African American culture in
our city.
Are large groups of Hispanics or Hmong going out in large mobs and viciously attacking
We are reaping the harvest that we’ve sown.
How so?
There are repercussions for the staggering illegitimacy rate in our African American
There are repercussions for having little to no positive male involvement in the lives of
African American children.
There are repercussions for single-parent homes where children aren’t properly
supervised, and where they aren’t held responsible for their actions.
There are repercussions for a staggering, decades-long near 50% unemployment rate for
African American males in our city.
There are repercussions for having a failing public school system, and an outdated
juvenile justice system.
There are repercussions for having one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the U.S.,
and for having kids raising kids.
The community was shocked when the violent mob of African American youths attacked
white people in Kilbourn Reservoir Park on July 3. Then, a few eyebrows were raised at
the F-bombs and shocking disregard and disrespect for Milwaukee police officers shown
by a large and unruly group of African Americans at N. Richards St. and W. North Ave.
last Saturday night.
And now this horrific mob violence near State Fair Park.
But for those who live in some city neighborhoods, this violence has been like a steady
rain for far too many years now. And the reality is this summer it seems we have five or
six shootings each and every weekend!
Unfortunately, this behavior is now all too common in some parts of the Milwaukee
Our hearts go out to the older generation of African Americans in this city who remember
when their community had one of the HIGHEST marriage rates in the city. Sadly, many
of these same residents are now scared of their own children and grandchildren.
Although we hope our law enforcement agencies are able to bring some of the thugs who
were involved in these attacks to justice, no amount of millions of dollars in government
spending or resources is going to truly address this problem.
We can no longer wish this violence would just go away, and we cannot ignore it; we
must see it for what it truly is.
We cannot begin to address the underlying causes of the violence without change. We
believe that change must come from within the African American community, where new
seeds must be sown. 
Read the original document here.  (Hat tip American Renaissance)

I think liberalism has broken down the black community, by telling blacks for decades that all their problems are caused by "white racism" and thereby freeing blacks from any personal accountability for their own lives.  In turn, as their communities sink deeper into dysfunction, prejudice against blacks grows as a result.

Black crime and black violence is a serious problem and has been for many years, and it is not from any lack of free goodies supplied by the government.  This crime is fed by widespread censorship, wherein news media refuse to identify the race of the perpetrators or their victims, thereby shielding the black community from shame, accountability and any motivation to change.  It is therefore refreshing to see the Milwaukee aldermen state the causes of this violence clearly and plainly, and without the self-censorship so common in media today.


Anonymous said...

should this have been whites terrorizing blacks,these people with there self indignations woiuld want justice done yesterday.all these black reps are doing is messaging the events that the black community will not take responsibility for.kill whitey and there babies,distroy whitey harritage,blame whitey for everything blacks have done to themselves.november,get armed and stay armed.whites are on there own.

otterhauser said...

It's interesting that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has scrubbed the comments of these aldermen from its online site. On Friday you see it, on Saturday, you do not, as the article is "updated."

Pastorius said...

Great post.

kenhp1 said...

Finally, These Alderman have the guts to tell it like it is.
This is not isolated to Milwaukee, it is widespread throughout the Country. This is a issue that must be addressed.
our older population should never be the victim of these type crime. Just look at London. The African community is burning down the whole damn town. What a shame we live in a society that think they can just rob, run, and never see justice.