Thursday, August 18, 2011

Climate Dupe Plans "Civil Disobedience" in Washington, D.C.

What a Climate Dupe Looks Like
From the very leftwing U.K. Guardian, we learn that "climate scientist" Jason Box plans to get arrested in Washington soon.  As the Guardian states:
His natural inquisitiveness — plus a dose of idealism and commitment — is why Box is intent on participating in his first-ever act of civil disobedience. The cause? Trying to convince President Obama that approving the extension of a controversial oil sands pipeline — the proposed $7 billion, 1,702-mile Keystone XL — would be the equivalent of lighting a fuse to the biggest carbon bomb on the planet.
Hey Jason, wake up.  The "global warming" hoax is over.  You lost.  As for the Guardian's transparently flattering description of Box, "natually inquisitive, idealism and commitment," I would add:  naive, credulous, lacking a healthy dose of skepticism for climate disaster scenarios, prone to accept politically motivated scientific theories without any substantial basis in fact.

Grow up, son.

Read the U.K. Guardian's leftist propaganda here.

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