Friday, August 12, 2011

Who Will We Vote For? GOP Candidates Debate

Pundits are reporting that Newt Gingrich won the first Republican presidential debate.  Ugh, I won't vote for him.  Judge him by his life thus far and not how well he debates.  He supported man-made global warming.  Same with Mitt Romney.  I am still learning towards Michele Bachmann unless someone better emerges.

Consumer confidence has sunk to the lowest point in thirty years.  If we run the right candidate, we can repeat Reagan's overwhelming electoral victory of 1980.  He defeated Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama is another leftwing disaster awaiting correction by the electorate.

Whoever the GOP candidate is, he or she would almost certainly be our next president.  That makes the primaries and the debates more important than ever.


LibertyAtStake said...

The only thing I know for sure is it needs to be an insurgency candidate (Perry, Bachmann, Cain, or anyone unabashadly aligned with TEA Party), *not* an establishment candidate. That means no Newt, no Mitt, no anybody who has ever compromised with the dark side.

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

Ema Nymton said...


Do you even read what you write?

"Whoever the GOP candidate is, he or she would almost certainly be our next president."

"Ugh, I won't vote for him."

Even though Murdoch Media is pushing for violence/riots in USA in the Summer of 2012, Mr Obama will be re-elected because the Republicant Party has no sane candidate.

Ema Nymton

Stogie said...

So Ema, you're dyslexic, hey? I said I won't vote for the guy who won the debate, Newt Gingrich.

And yes, whoever is the GOP candidate will most likely be the next president, based on Obama's terrible performance and low approval ratings.

pjm said...

Are there any candidates that are a proponent of a flat tax?

Always On Watch said...

I'll have to vote for any GOP candidate who runs against Hussein.

I won't support some of those in the field right now -- including Gingrich, who likely won't get the nomination, anyway (I hope!).

Anonymous said...

Bachmann has zero chances of every being POTUS and frankly she is completely unqualified to be president. Outside of a portion of the base, she has no appeal to anyone else in the country and she makes peoples skin crawl. Rick Perry, though far from perfect is the most electable although if the nominee I will vote for Romney and Pawlenty (unenthusiastically). Nothing is more important then beating Obama and making "statements" i.e. losing is.... well for losers!

Stogie said...

Bachmann could beat Obama, and she is indeed qualified for the office. Furthermore, she does not make my skin crawl.

pjm said...

Saw Bachmann on Fox this AM, and she came across fairly well. I normally don't watch Fox... more of a C-Span or PBS Lehrer Report viewer... but Chris Wallace went after her to a point... and she performed well.

Pawlenty dropped out today... Palin is still on the sidelines.
Perry stepped in. It's still wide open.... and there is lot's of time.

Obama is traveling around the country, and asking the public to tell their Congressional Rep's to work on a jobs bill. Just a baffling lack of leadership. Get rid of all biases that you have of Obama; and everyone should be able to agree that the lack of leadership that has come from the White House over the past year is very disturbing.

To me this places the advantage in the hands of Governors for the Republican nomination. They can point to their executive leadership skills; their job creation history..... two things the public is looking for their and not finding with Obama.