Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Today I Added "American Renaissance" to My Blog Roll. Here's Why.

Frank Borzellieri:  Blacklisted From
His Teaching Profession
Frank Borzellieri is an educator with sterling credentials, an excellent teacher who is dedicated to his multi-ethnic students.  However, he was fired recently for writing articles for American Renaissance some years back, and therefore became guilty of thought crimes:  he had dared to question liberal orthodoxy on the subject of race.

I was disgusted to hear how Frank Borzellieri was fired from his job (as a principal for a Bronx Catholic school) for having published in American Renaissance.  Apparently, he is just another victim of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  It is another "guilt by association" smear.  Borzellieri is not criticized for what he wrote, argued or advocated, he is fired merely for writing in a magazine that liberals don't like.  For all the liberal anguish about "McCarthyism" and the "Black List" and how they unfairly ruined the careers of a lot of Hollywood actors, the liberals now do the very same thing to others, conducting their very own witch hunt and keeping their very own black list.

I am very multi-ethnic, but not multicultural.  My wife of 35 years is Filipina, I have two adopted grandchildren from South Korea (and love them), I have an Amerasian son (who self-identifies as white), as well as nephews and nieces who are 75% hispanic, whom I also love.  Race is not a high priority with me; culture is.  Having said that, today I added American Renaissance to my blog roll, knowing full well that liberals will use it as stick to beat me with.

I intend to read American Renaissance on a regular basis; I am sure I will not always agree with its articles, but I am incensed that American writers, expressing non-hateful, well-reasoned, well argued and well researched articles can be subject to this kind of stigmatization, suppression and persecution.

Read Jared Taylor's defense of Frank Borzellieri here.

Update:  Lawrence Auster of View From the Right says this of Borzellieri:
Readers not familiar with his name should know that Frank Borzellieri as a school board member in Queens in the 1990s fought a tremendous battle against multicultural indoctrination and anti-Americanism in the schools. I don't know of anyone in America who, as a school board member or in any job in education, took such positions and fought for them so strongly. He did what thousands of others should have done but did not do. He is an American hero.
Stogie and Grandkids


Adrienne said...

Stogie - good for you!! I am Catholic and was appalled when I read about this man being ousted for essentially speaking the truth.

BTW - really cute grand kids...

Stogie said...

Thanks Adrienne!

Old Rebel said...

John Derbyshire, who writes for both American Renaissance and Taki Mag, is married to a lady from China. I bet he'd describe his views as similar to yours.

Nick said...

Great photo Stogie, you're a lucky guy!