Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Spider-Man Turns Black & Hispanic

The New Spider-Man
It has been noted that comic book makers are very left wing nowadays.  First they praised Barack Obama and made him a close buddy of Spider-Man; then they had Superman renounce his American citizenship.  Now Superman flies above Gotham with the same stirring music, but different words:  "For Truth, Justice and the One-World-Government Way!"

However, nothing has been able to completely scratch that P.C. itch, the desire to elevate "the Other" and remove Whitey from the scene.  But the comic book kids keep right on trying.

Yes, it was inevitable.  Spider-Man has become a young kid who is half black and half hispanic.  You see, Peter Parker, the white, nerdy kid who became the original Spider-Man, has been killed; but don't worry, it only happened in a parallel universe.  The new kid on the web is Miles Morales.  Now everyone has their own Spider-Man, depending on what universe they live in.

I don't know why all this ethnic business is so important to lefties.  Back when Zorro was carving a Z in everything that moved, I didn't insist on a European-derived Zorro.  I was happy to be pretend-hispanic as I drew Z's all over the neighborhood with a crayon.  Besides, a white Zorro would have to be renamed The Fox, since that is the English translation of "El Zorro," and then he would have to make the sign of the F, not the Z, and you can just imagine where that would have led.

Next up:  A Spider-Man in a wheel chair; a Spider-Man who is gay; a Spider-Man who is transgender.  Perhaps we will have a Spider-Man who is a Muslim.  A bit more troublesome:  a Spider-Man who is a single mother and a lesbian.  When you live in parallel universes, the possibilities are endless.

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