Sunday, August 05, 2012

Robert Stacy McCain Joins the Anti-Jihad Movement (Finally)

Although late to the battle, Robert Stacy McCain has lent a welcome voice to the battle against Islam.  (I know I am supposed to say "Radical Islam," but I like to refrain from using redundant terms.)

McCain has written an excellent article today called "Why 'Moderate Islam' Is Doomed."  In it, he tells how Muslim leaders who refrain from violence will be murdered by the Muslims who do not.  Violence, it should be noted, is a commandment of Muhammad and his Sock Puppet, Allah.  McCain then describes how the Left always attacks the messenger of bad news rather than the object of the message.  He writes:
We are seeing a re-enactment of a familiar theme: The confusion caused by those who insist that we should not fear our enemy, but rather fear those who warn against the enemy. In England during the ’30s, the advocates of appeasement insisted that Churchill was a greater danger than Hitler. More recently, during the Cold War, there were those who claimed that anti-Communist “extremists” like Ronald Reagan were a greater danger than the Communists themselves. And now we find that many fools have been persuaded by those who say that “Islamophobia” is a greater danger than Islam.
Well said.  We see this convoluted logic applied in many ways.  It is why the English Defence League is so hated in Great Britain.  Kill the messenger!

Read McCain's entire article here.

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