Friday, August 17, 2012

Islam is an Insult to All Humanity

An Insult to All Humanity
Iranian followers of the false prophet, Murderous Mo and his hand puppet, Awful Allah, are promising (again) to destroy Israel.  This vicious, disgusting, inhuman, backward and rotten nation of Iran dares to insult a culture much greater, more advanced and infinitely more valuable than itself.  Ahmadinejad, the swarthy and short President of Iran, has promised the near-term destruction of Israel, calling it "an insult to all humanity."

Israel is not "an insult to all humanity," it is ISLAM that is an insult to all humanity.  The fact that Mohammed was a lust-filled thief, pedophile, sex fiend, rapist and mass murdering fraud is bad enough -- it is an insult to all humanity to revere such an odious man or to assign him the status of "prophet of God."  However, since Mo's followers want to emulate this ancient criminal, their religion becomes the business of the rest of the world.  We don't give a damn how much reverence or holiness or sanctity you Muslims give to your evil religion, its prophet, or its violent and intolerant traditions -- you are simply not going to commit mass murder in their name, or conquer peaceful nations that do you no harm, or force more developed cultures to replace modernity and enlightenment with ignorance, darkness and backwardness.

You attack Israel, you attack the rest of us.  You wipe out Israel, we wipe out Mecca and Medina in response.  We reduce every great mosque and Islamic shrine to rubble, no matter where they are located anywhere in the world.  We desecrate the bodies of the mujaheddin, dress them in women's lingerie, paint a Star of David on their forehead, bury them face down and facing away from Mecca, hugging the carcass of a pig.  We will send the great martyrs of Allah back to him in surprising new ways.

We are sick of your perverted hatred, your unrelenting war on the non-Muslim world, your glorification of violence and evil.   Fourteen centuries of Islamic evil is quite enough -- no more will be tolerated.  You are going to learn to behave yourselves, and soon, because what you are going to pay for your continued barbarism will quickly prove much too steep a price.

Think about it.  And while you're at it, change to a civilized religion.


LD Jackson said...

The followers of radical Islam need to be made to understand. If they continue with their nonsensical rhetoric, nonsensical violence, the killing of innocent men, women, and children, all because they disagree with their religion, they will be severely hurt. It seems violence is the only language they understand, so maybe we should show them just how violent we can be, when we are pushed past our limits.

Stogie Chomper said...

LD, yes, I think they are going to push us past our limits. They are fools if they believe the non-Islamic world is going to accept their continuous onslaught. Jew hatred is an integral part of Islam, personally taught by Mohammed who had various Jews murdered for sport when the old fraud was still stinking up what is now Saudi Arabia.

aymeric said...

That is a damn stupid article... oh my god. but guys without any culture nor brains might like it.

guys, muslims are stupid about their religion, i agree, but so are the stupid extremists of all religion. very much including the evangelists etc...

Stogie Chomper said...

Typical liberal, full of opinions with no basis in facts. Try reading a book about Islam, its bloody history and that of its murderous prophet, and then maybe someone will take you seriously.

hamoudi said...

please searc for wat is islam by youcef estes