Thursday, August 09, 2012

Lying Liberal Media Tries to Spin Obama's Vicious Political Ad, "They Both Do It."

Rush has a serious of soundbites this morning by the Democrat Propaganda Machine (formerly "the Mainstream Media").  The soundbites are a collection of media voices claiming that Romney's just as bad as Obama in making lying political ads.  Of course, the propagandists (formerly reporters) don't come right out and say that.  They do it obliquely, by saying things like "Both sides are boiling mad at each other tonight, accusing each other of lying, and they're both right."

I've seen this tactic in every major election.  It's the "both sides do it" gambit, an attempt to lessen the impact of negative disclosures about their candidate's latest shenanigans. The message:  One guy is no better (or worse) than the other.  You can't get mad at our guy when their guy is just as guilty of these improprieties.

Of course, Romney told no lies.  He stated, correctly, that Obama had gutted the welfare reform that President Clinton and a Republican Congress created some years back.  Obama removed the work requirement in order to receive welfare.  When Romney complained about it, the Obama camp exploded in paroxysms of outrage, saying it was all a lie, a gross misrepresentation, etc.  However, no Democrat has yet pointed to the alleged falsehoods,errors or misrepresentation, let alone refute them.  Obama claimed that some Republican governors had asked for waivers, allowing them to give out welfare without a work requirement.  However, no such governors exist.

Obama had simply lied again.  If caught, expect the Democrat media to start another round of "both sides do it."  Be not fooled by this well-worn gambit.  Without the lies, the Democrats would have no arguments at all.


Always On Watch said...

Damn, this is one messy campaign season. I'm not referring to what Romney is saying but rather to what Obama is saying.

It is so damn juvenile to point fingers the way that Obama does.

LD Jackson said...

You said it perfectly by pointing out the Democrats would have nothing to say without the lies they are telling.

If there is one thing I have learned about liberals, it is that they are almost always guilty of the same things they accuse conservatives of. Rest assured, they can not be trusted.

emanymton69 said...


"Of course, Romney told no lies."

So ...

governor of Massachusetts, +$100 million private IRA,
overseas international bank accounts, and no federal income tax access

What do you think your lying very close associates at
Murdoch Media/Fox Networks would have you make of that, had it been Mr
Obama's name on the signing line???

Yes the voters of USA can trust OMitt. He is after all a real CONservative.


Electoral College:

Obama = 323 Needed to win = 270 Romney = 191

Pick Paul Ryan for VP.

Ema Nymton

Stogie Chomper said...

Ema, I don't think it's even possible to have an IRA with $100 million in it, since you are limited to an annual contribution of only $5,000. You are merely repeating Democrat lies and thereby making my point for me.

emanymton69 said...


Read'em and weep.

What do you think your lying very close associates at Murdoch Media/Fox Networks would have you make of '+$100 million private IRA', 'overseas international bank accounts', and 'NO federal income tax access' , had it been Mr Obama's name on the signing line???

Ema Nymton

Stogie Chomper said...

Actually, there is no crime and certainly no shame in owning 100 million dollars in whatever form, since one would have to produce a lot of goods and services to earn such money. There is nothing wrong with having money in foreign bank accounts, as long as it is reported to the IRS. And you know very well that if Romney releases his tax returns, they will simply be used as a fishing expedition by the Obama camp, to create more lies and distortions. Obama has never released his college transcripts, mainly because his grades suck, being an affirmative action baby who never earned a thing in his life. So what's your point, Ema?

Stogie Chomper said...

Larry, yes, the psychologists call it "projection," projecting one's own faults onto others as a way of coping. However, in the Dem's case, they are just inveterate liars who will do anything at all to gain and retain power. They have no moral compasss whatsoever.

Stogie Chomper said...

AOW, yes it is juvenile, or worse, it's almost criminal.

emanymton69 said...


" So what's your point, Ema?"

Despite my absolute joy at watching you along with the RepublicanT Party trip all over yourselves
trying to put lipstick on what is clearly an obnoxious, arrogant,
ill-informed pig, I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for your plight.
It’s not easy to stand behind a serial liar and pretend he’s honest,
especially when those lies are so easily exposed with a quick Google
search on anyone’s home computer. It’s not easy to pretend you’re
enthusiastic about a candidate who consistently insults the citizenry,
along with foreign dignitaries.

So what the RepublicanTs are left with is an inarticulate,
nonsense-spewing empty suit, a candidate who can’t open his mouth
without confirming his own idiocy, a job-outsourcing draft-dodger whose
allegiance to his country’s financial well-being is tucked away in
tax-free offshore bank accounts, a man who doesn’t have the common sense
to avoid bragging about how he enjoyed firing people from their jobs in
a time of high unemployment, a car elevator-owning rich man’s son whose
only source of income has been the inheritance of wealth and the misery
of hard-working Americans – and little in the way of anything that can
remove the stink of all of the above.

What do you think your lying very close associates at Murdoch
Media/Fox Networks would have you make of '+$100 million private IRA',
'overseas international bank accounts', and 'NO federal income tax
access' , had it been Mr Obama's name on the signing line???

Ema Nymton

Stogie Chomper said...

Ema, you have proven you are a Democrat: full of spite and malice and insults, but little else. I very much doubt that Romney, being a good and decent man, ever enjoyed firing anyone. Indeed, Bain Capital saved a lot of jobs by turning many failing companies around, but they couldn't save them all.

Obama is the inarticulate empty suit. He can't speak even to kindergartners without a teleprompter. He has never held a real job, never met a payroll, never ran a company. He's a complete ignoramus on economics, how wealth is created and how jobs are produced. Obama is as close to a Marxist as anything we've seen yet as President, a rigid ideologue who is stuck in his sophomoric socialist dogma.

You repeat the same B.S. at the end of each of your vacuous posts, like a drunken parrot.

emanymton69 said...


"Ema, you have proven you are a Democrat:..."

Dems fighten words. There ain't no difference between the RepublicanT Party and the Democratic Party; they are both fully owned subsidiaries of the same corrupt and corrupting reactionary international corporate masters.

I am proudly liberal/progressive. I do not have a dog in this fight.

At this stage it is looking like Mr Obama will win the Electoral College (the only thing that matters).

Ema Nymton

Stogie Chomper said...

Ema, you mean even the Democrats are too right wing for you? Somehow I am not surprised. Are you a Marxist? At this stage, you can't tell much at all. It is the conventions that introduce the candidates to the voting public, and it is after the conventions that the undecided make up their minds. Don't count your Electoral College eggs before they are hatched.

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