Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Lying, Libelous Left

Some kook shot several people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin before the police terminated his sorry ass.  Now the lying, libelous Left is claiming that Michele Bachmann caused the shooting by making critical comments about Islam.  Being brain-dead ignoramuses, they apparently don't know that Sikhs aren't Muslims.  They are but one of many religions that Muslims violently attack.

But if Bachmann didn't cause it, then Beck, Savage and Rush did.  How did these brainless twits come to this conclusion?  

They came to it through their own virulent hatred of conservatives and anyone who stands in their way of creating a socialist paradise on earth.  When it comes to hate, the Left is in a class by itself.  The only thing worse than their hatred is their hypocrisy.  They slander with impunity, take no responsibility, make horrible accusations without facts or proof, jump to conclusions and make up stories on the spot.  If they think at all, it is with their adrenal glands, not their brains.

Entire books have been written to document the Left's over-the-top hatred.  Try Malkin's "Unhinged" or Coulter's "Slander:  Liberal Lies About the American Right."  Liberals believe that they can be reckless and incendiary in their steady stream of hate speech, knowing full well that the liberal media won't hold them to account.  By telling the most odious lies about people like Bachmann, Savage, Beck and Rush, they themselves may be indirectly  encouraging violence against individuals.  And if any of those people are killed, you can bet leftist joy, openly expressed, will be the result.

Check out for a steady example of Leftist lies and hate.  These folks regularly call for conservatives to "die" or to "kill themselves," and express open joy when a conservative dies.  They destroy property, bully and slander their political opponents, and generally make asses of themselves.  Yet they accuse conservatives of being the ones who are suffused in hate.

There is nothing more hateful than a lying libelous liberal.  I will oppose these evil people with my dying breath.


LD Jackson said...

I have been reading some of the comments being posted about the Wisconsin shooting. It is shameful that the left is jumping to such conclusions.

I have also been dealing with some of them at Open Salon, where my own blog is cross posted. Some of the comments I receive on some of my articles are so far off the beaten path, I hardly know how to respond. I have learned, I am wasting my time trying to debate one of them. They have no real logic, unless it includes bashing conservatives. According to them, everything bad in this country can be laid at the feet of conservatives and they refuse to be convinced otherwise.

LD Jackson said...

I have been reading some of the comments across the Internet about the shooting in Wisconsin. It is shameful how the left is leaping to conclusions, with not a shred of evidence. But, of course, I would expect nothing less from the left.

I have learned it is nearly impossible to debate one of them. My blog is cross posted at Open Salon and some of the comments I have received on some of my articles leaves me shaking my head at the lack of logic.

Stogie Chomper said...

Larry, yes they are clearly irrational, a bundle of nervous knee-jerk reactions, completely unable to discern fact from fantasy, lies from truth. These people are as close to crazy as anything I have seen.