Thursday, August 16, 2012

Screw You, Touré Neblett

Touré Neblett, Race-Baiting
Jive Turkey
Touré Neblett is what you would expect as MSNBC's resident black race-baiter:  young, angry and filled with accusations and slurs against the evil white folk, all the while artfully dancing around personal accountability and responsibility.

You see, young, angry, hip, radical black men never accept responsibility for their own life choices, and accountability just ain't gonna happen.  Everything that's wrong with them (and that's plenty) is the fault of white folk.  White folk, you see, are constantly seething with race hatred, and if they are Republicans, have created a set of "race code words" to denigrate the eboniferous folk with the nuclear hairdos.  This "code-word" claim is very convenient for jive turkeys like Touré Neblett, who are given high profile jobs in media because they are so talented in communication and news analysis considered status symbols by leftist news networks.  As the cliched angry black, they are  carried about and paraded for effect the way rich ladies in mink do pedigreed Pomeranians.  Given an undeserved pulpit, such may claim any and all criticisms are "code-words," and can again escape personal responsibility while insulting one's detractors.  

As Neblett has pointed out, Romney is involved in the "niggerization" of Obama, by referring to Obama's campaign as one of anger, deception and hate. "Anger" and "hate," you know, are Republican code words for the nasty n-word, the word that cannot be written or spoken, lest Touré Neblett be turned into a pillar of salt.

For years we've all been told how insensitive we are to black folk, how utterly and thoroughly "racist" we are, and how we can never criticize any black person or hold them accountable for any of their choices, deeds or actions, since those are only a natural response to our racism.  In other words, when a black person screws up, it's always a white person's fault.  So when a black man gets elected president and proceeds to destroy Western Civilization as we know it, we cannot complain, we cannot criticize, we can't even vote against him.  No, we must sit there quietly while a professional victim like Neblett proceeds to insult and defame us, accepting all charges and accusations as gospel, enduring the stripes of his whip while begging forgiveness for our non-existent sins.

Personally, I am sick to death of talentless, dishonest, race-hustling frauds like Touré Neblett.  They have for too long used race and skin color as a cudgel, an excuse, a rationalization for rotten attitudes and low standards.  It is time to tell the Nebletts of the world where to get off.  It's not that we hate you, Neblett -- you aren't worth the energy.  Our feelings for you tend to be one of mild disgust, the same feeling we have for any low class, excuse-making slacker, no matter their color.  We don't respect you.  You have no credibility.  Your opinions carry no weight.


namaste said...

kudos to you for posting your thoughts on this!
although i've heard of him, i'll have to youtube to see what the heck this guy does at msnbc. guys like him are a dime a dozen and as much as i'd like to ignore them, clearly numerous others do not. what a pickle we are all in, stogie. the country started out with one set of bullying type. we get through with that period of ignorance only to have to now deal with this. this guys is ignorant and he's a liberal pawn. keep telling it like it is. honest, thoughtful people will rule again!

Stogie Chomper said...

Thanks, Namaste. Liberals like to focus on phonies like Neblett, ignoring and even denigrating people like Alan West. The only "legitimate" black to a liberal is one who shares their hatred for America.

bro said...

most of them could screw up a crowbar

Always On Watch said...

And this jerk wasn't fired???

Stogie Jr said...

Careful Pop! ....he might call you a racist! ;-)