Sunday, May 05, 2013

Amusing Bunni's Lesson to Us: a Positive Message Ain't Bad

Stogie Bunnies?
One of the things I have learned from the late Carol Mack, who blogged as Amusing Bunni and died a week ago today, is that of a positive message.  (See Curmudgeon's lovely tribute to Bunni here.)  Bunni was upbeat, encouraging and nice to just about everyone.

Looking back through my last 3,000 or so blog posts, I feel somewhat depressed:  so much negativity.  Too much fighting, arguing, bashing other bloggers and getting bashed in return.  Blogging for me and for many has been like a bar fight:  I hit you over the head with an empty beer bottle and you return the favor with a bar stool.  Well, let's be honest, fighting is often fun.  However, it probably doesn't change anyone's mind.  If you were convinced I'm a fool before I smacked you in the mouth, you probably think I'm still a fool and a bully to boot.  This is okay if your only purpose is to vent.   That's not my purpose...or not the major one, anyway.

I love bunnies.  I have ever since my parents took me to see Bambi when I was around 6 or 7 years old.  I thought Thumper was great.  Nevertheless, I won't ape Bunni's style with pictures of bunnies, cats and squirrels.  What works for one blogger won't necessarily work for others (see my kind of bunnies in the pic above -- probably not what Amusing Bunni had in mind).  I can, however, find more positive things to write about, more life affirming, more hope engendering, more upbeat.  I'll try to do that, not exclusively, because "politics is war by other means" and "war is hell," to quote Clauswitz and Sherman.  Nevertheless, I'll try to use more humor, more explanation and less anger.  I won't stop fighting, but maybe I will hit people with a softer bar stool.  And I'll make a point of including more posts that don't involve politics.

Thanks for your great example, Bunni.

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