Thursday, May 02, 2013

Cancer Claims Another Conservative Blogger: Amusing Bunni, RIP

Amusing Bunni, RIP
Carol, who blogged as "Amusing Bunni," has succumbed to cancer.  She was diagnosed with an aggressive, untreatable form of cancer in October and was disabled from that point on.  Many bloggers sent her cash donations to help her stay in her home and pay the bills for the last few months of her life.  Carol died in a hospice last Sunday evening.

She released photos of herself taken in her youth; I enhanced the one included herein to show her lovely nose, which is almost invisible in the original.   She was a beautiful lady.  Go with God, Bunni.

Now Dan Riehl needs our help in paying his hospital bills for the recent pulmonary episode that nearly killed him.  Please consider a donation of any amount to Dan:  here's the link.

See more about Bunni here and here.

Bunni's blog is here.  Her last post was on April 1.


Stogie said...

Thanks for mentioning Dan. I've got him sitting in my tabs for a future post (I'm not up to it right now.) I had set aside $50.00 for Bunni this month and sent it to Zilla instead. Bunni would have wanted it that way.

Stogie said...

Bunni was beautiful -- on the outside and, more importantly, on the inside.

I hope that her web site stays up. So much joy there!