Friday, May 03, 2013

Geller Gets It (Finally)

For years Pamela Geller and her close associate, Robert Spencer, have been exposing the means and methods of jihad and the threat posed by Islamic mass-murderers.  However, they were always infuriatingly politically correct, never accurately defining the true nature of Islam (there is no "moderate" Islam or "radical Islam," there is only Islam, and it is irredeemably hostile and violent).

My late friend Lawrence Auster used to fume about this.  He thought Pamela Geller's approach was weak, as she never dared to speak the full truth about Islam and recommend effective cures for Islamic terrorism.    I know he really got under her skin a few times, since his blog "View From the Right" was widely read.

Auster began to change his mind about Geller after she began posting pro-Israel ads on municipal buses in various major cities, and suing cities to allow the ads after the cities initially refused them.  He even signed up for one of her seminars and found it of value.

Today Auster would be very proud of Pamela Geller.  She finally gets it.  She has an organization now called  the "American Freedom Defense Initiative" (AFDI) and its platform for rolling back Islamic incursions into western societies is solid.  For example, it recognizes that Islam is not merely a religion, but a violent, totalitarian ideology that does not deserve to hide its nefarious activities behind a demand for "religious" freedom.  Further, AFDI calls for a stop to Islamic immigration into non-Muslim majority countries. It also calls for a prohibition of foreign funding of mosques and Islamic Studies departments at universities -- as these are a form of stealth jihad.

AFDI is definitely on the right track, and not a moment too soon.

Read more about it at this link.

Hat tip to American Power.


Stogie said...

AOW, Auster always pointed out that neither Geller nor Spencer ever called for a halt to Islamic immigration into the US, which he saw as essential. I don't recall ever seeing either do so either, until I read Geller's article this week, and saw AFDI advocating that essential step. Indeed, in the past, both Geller & Spencer seemed to subscribe to the good Muslim/bad Muslim theory. Auster also felt that Muslims now here should be encouraged to leave, a position that I agree with, but of course, no one, including Geller and Spencer, have had the courage to state that obvious fact. Re: Muslims, it isn't bad people, it's bad ideology. Their ideology calls for unending violence against non-believers, and as long as there are many Muslims in our midst, some will follow that ideology to the letter and we will have more atrocities like the Boston Marathon bombings.

Furthermore, I believe that Islam should be illegal in the United States, just as murder is.

Stogie said...

I don't recall that either of them ever addressed the topic of Muslim immigration. Of course, many commenters at Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs did so -- sometimes eloquently, sometimes not.