Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Has Fascism Come to America? Part One: Benghazi

Let's see...the President has been campaigning with the slogan "Osama is dead and GM is alive!"  He has been touting the benefits of the "Arab Spring," proof that all the Middle East really needed was a President who apologizes for past American hubris and above all else, wasn't George Bush -- and now those same Arabs are overthrowing dictators and installing "democratic" governments.

Suddenly an American embassy in Libya comes under Islamic attack two months before a presidential election.  Does the President worry about the safety of embassy personnel?  Does he dispatch the military to disperse the radicals and save the embassy staff?  But wait...if he does that, won't his Middle East Peace In Our Time meme be disproved?  Might it hurt his chances of re-election?  Hell, embassy staff are expendable.  He orders the military to "stand down" and not fire on the radicals.

Once the embassy has been burned to the ground and the American bodies collected for burial, there is the problem of spinning it all to the American people.  Let's see...that's it!  Recast this latest terrorist attack as a demonstration that just got out of hand.  It wasn't a planned attack...Middle East Peace In Our Time is still a viable meme for the election....now we just need something or someone to blame for the "demonstration."  Ah ha!  Here's an unknown video on YouTube about the actual history of Mohammed -- let's blame it on that film and its filmmaker!  There won't be a problem with the press...they'll play along like they always do.

So as dirt is shoveled in the faces of four dead Americans, the Prez and his Secretary of State go on Arab television to apologize to the terrorists for having had to murder them in the first place.

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