Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Incredible Denial of Apologists for Islam

As Islamic terrorism, murder and violence continues to accelerate across the globe, more and more of the naive among us apologize for -- that is, attempt to explain away -- Muslim violence.  Some retired teacher wrote a guest piece in the Hollister newspaper last week, claiming to have "researched" Islam.  His conclusions:  Americans have nothing to fear from Islam or Muslims.  Dhimmis were a protected class of people (actually, they are and were an expendable third-class, reviled caste, and dhimmitude a form of slavery).  This retired teacher also claimed that the Koran was a beautiful book of verses similar to Psalms (obviously overlooking the 109 verses that call for murder and violence against non-believers).  Women are not mistreated in Islam, and their absence in schools is more a factor of poverty than ideology.  The writer's wishful thinking and self-delusion are striking.

There are, in fact, many Americans who no longer need to fear Islam.  They are dead, killed by Muslims for religious reasons.  Islam is a religion that practices a form of human sacrifice:  if you aren't a Muslim, it is perfectly honorable, moral and pious to kill you.

The invaluable website "The Religion of Peace" has compiled a list of Americans killed and injured by Muslims in America. The list goes back to 1972 and extends through the Boston atrocity.  The total number of Americans murdered by Muslims (in America) since 1972 is 3,085 and the number injured is 1,592.  These figures include 911.

If we subtract the casualties of 911, there have been 109 Americans murdered by Muslims and 1,288 injured since 1972.

If we count only the casualties since 911 (2001 - 2013) there have been 64 killed and 228 injured.

So we have nothing to fear from Islam and Muslims?  The percentage of the total population represented by the above figures is fairly low.  However, those tallies only include successful Muslim murders.  They do not include the many plots discovered and stopped, or those that failed.  There were at least 29 failed and foiled Muslim plots to murder Americans since 911.  They are listed here, but the list does not appear complete.

Update:  Here's a film about Sharia, Islamic law that Muslims hope to substitute for the Constitution.  Hat tip to "Sharia Unveiled."


Stogie said...

Next time you encounter someone peddling the small-group-of-extremists line, send them to this site: . In particular, they should scroll about halfway down the page to the "List of Islamic Terror Attacks for the Past 30 Days." Similar lists going back to 2001 are linked. I do not recommend perusing more than a few months' worth at a time -- it could have a bad effect on a reader's mental health.

Stogie said...

Obama is doing all that he can to Islamify America. THIS VIDEO at Sharia Unveiled should make Americans sit up and take notice. But they refuse to do so.

I can't see that America's future is bright at all.