Sunday, September 22, 2013

Islam Must Be Destroyed: 39 Dead in Shopping Mall, Murdered for Not Being Muslims #Islam #Jihad

Nairobi:  Another Islamic Atrocity is Added
to a Growing List
The Religion of Homicidal Maniacs (Islam) has struck again, attacking shoppers in an upscale Nairobi shopping mall for the sin of not being Muslim.  They used grenades and gunfire to kill 39 people so far, and the death toll is said to be climbing.  The jihadis are quoted as saying "We only want to kill non-Muslims."

One FaceBook commenter wrote:  "Islam must be destroyed."  And that is correct.  Islam should go the way of Communism and Fascism, into the dustbin of history.  It should be heavily suppressed throughout the world, and no one allowed to practice it in any non-Muslim country.

Oh, Stogie, you fascist, what about freedom of religion??  What about tolerance??

Islam is a religion of human sacrifice and mass murder.  Freedom of religion does not include crimes against humanity, which Islam constantly perpetrates.  Islam is more than a religion, it is an expansionist, totalitarian form of government as well as a "religion."  It spreads itself through violence, and has done so for 14 centuries, resulting in the deaths of 270 million people and the oppression of millions more.

Remember this:  Islamophobia, so-called, is a GOOD thing.  If it is "intolerance," it is intolerance of mass murder, rape, oppression and violence.

Oh Stogie, but not all Muslims are violent!  Why condemn the many for the acts of the few?

I condemn anyone who supports this terrorist ideology, or gives it comfort or rationalizes its behavior.  By supporting Islam, or rationalizing it, they are supporting mass murder, whether they know it or not.  Islam is violent by design, and by the commandments of its so-called prophet, and by the writings of the Koran and other holy texts.  Further, in Islam, one who dies fighting for Islam (through random murder of "infidels") is able to intercede (save) 70 of his non-violent family members.  For this reason, many "peaceful" Muslims do not speak out against Islamic mass murder, which they believe will benefit them in the Muslim after-life.

The source of Islamic violence is Islam itself.  Any Muslim who believes in his religion must support violence against the infidel, either directly through jihad or indirectly through moral and financial support of jihadis.  Therefore, the only way to end the ongoing Islamic war "against all humanity" (see Second Pledge of Aqabah) is to end Islam.  Let us begin with the task at hand, and the first step is to tell the truth about this vile and violent ideology.


Stogie said...

I think the death toll's even higher, Stogie. And I keep hearing about how Islam is a religion of peace and how Muslims love Christians and Jews. Seriously!

Stogie said...

Liberals are insane and prove it daily, Donald.

Stogie said...

Ending Islam is very important task for all us non-Muslims. Muslims are united against us. We also must unite and defeat them. An world-wide anti-Islamic union must be established.

Stogie said...


Please see the post that I published yesterday: "Inside The Mall Massacre In Kenya (With Addendum on September 28)." As far as I've had time to discern, the American press is avoiding ANY discussion of this!