Friday, September 06, 2013

Obama's Syrian Adventure

President Amateur Screwup really distinguished himself this week by threatening to bomb Syria.  No one else in the world wants to join in on the bomb-fest, Putin of Russia dissed the whole thing, Britain bowed out, even Prez Amateur's slavishly loyal Democrats in Congress have grave doubts as to the wisdom of the act.  Now we are hearing that Muslim fanatics all over the Middle East are plotting revenge scenarios if Obama goes through with it.

If there is any one incident that better illustrates the brazen incompetence of Barack Obama, the Syrian imbroglio has to be it.  And you, America, re-elected this schmuck.  Way to go.


Stogie said...

Everyone who voted for Buraq in either '08 or '12 should wear a dunce cap whenever they step outside and at home have the largest sign that will fit in the their largest window saying, "The buck started here."

Stogie said...


Did you see Michael Gerson's recent column, "A Stand for Syria and Obama."

Note the last three paragraph's of Gerson's essay:

A limited military strike may be symbolic. But for Congress to block that strike would be more than symbolic. It would undermine a tangible element of American influence: the perception that the commander in chief is fully in command.

The refusal to authorize force would be taken as an ideological pivot point. Nations such as China, Russia and Iran would see this as the triumph of a political coalition between the peace party of the left and the rising isolationists of the right. And they would be correct. The strategic calculations of every American enemy and friend would be adjusted in ways that encourage challenge and instability. Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent loss of the vote authorizing military action — the first such repudiation since 1782 — has weakened Britain as an actor in the world. America should refuse to follow it down.

I would prefer to defend a form of internationalism less conflicted and hesitant than President Obama’s. But even so, it is better than the alternative of seriously compromisingthe credibility of the presidency itself. And those who claim that this
credibility has already reached bottom are lacking in imagination.

I disagree with Gerson's reasoning.

What do you think, Stogie?

Stogie said...

Gerson's reasoning sounds pretty weak to me. He says in effect that if the Prez wants to do foolish things, we should allow him to play the fool because otherwise foreign nations might think ill of us. If we don't allow Obama to kill people with whom we are not at war, then the USA and Britain will be viewed as weaker actors in the world. By whom and to what effect? Gerson doesn't say, so we just have to take his word for it that this impression would have dire consequences for our future security. I really don't see this as any credible concern.

Using Gerson's line of reasoning then, if Obama wanted to invade Canada, we would have to let him so dictators in Lower Slobbovia won't think we're "weak." Oh give me a break. Who cares what they think? In any case, why would they think we are anything but a nation with a lot of brawn but very little brain? So obsessed with "image" that we must proceed with a useless and dangerous intervention where our national interest is not at stake?

First off, the President should have consulted Congress before attempting to authorize force, and should have researched the situation as there is evidence that it was the rebels, not the government of Syria, who used chemical weapons. Second, the President is the servant of the people, not the other way around. No president should be allowed to do whatever he likes, regardless of what the people and the Congress want. The president is not a dictator. By reigning in an irresponsible president, perhaps we convey to the world that we are a representative republic and that the PEOPLE are in control, not a dictator.

Third, our getting involved in the Syrian civil war may have far more destructive consequences than putting a leash on Obama. Al Qaeda may be strengthened, revenge actions take against our embassies, citizens and property abroad, and Israel attacked as a retaliatory measure. We have much to lose and precious little to gain by allowing Obama to perpetrate his political stunt in Syria. Gerson is full of hot air.

Stogie said...

I vote for the dunce caps. People are fools to vote for a candidate for such superficial reasons as they did.

Stogie said...

Gerson is one of those neocons with blinders on. I run into many such neocons, and their naivete astounds me every time.