Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tom Delay Exonerated: Appeals Court Reverses Politically Motivated Prosecution and Conviction #TomDelay

Disgraced Texas DA Ronnie Earle
Tom Delay was a prominent Republican and Leader of the House Majority in 2002.  Delay was effective in getting more Republicans elected in Texas, and for this he incurred the ire of a fanatical Democrat activist, one Ronnie Earle, a District Attorney for Travis County, Texas.  Earle abused his office in launching political indictments against Republicans, based merely on his own political biases.  He indicted Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison for highly dubious reasons, and at the pretrial hearing, the judge ordered a directed verdict of "not guilty" so the false charges could not be refiled.

Ronnie Earle's disgraceful career is summarized here.

Tom Delay was undoubtedly the pinnacle of this cretin's shameful career, in that he was able to obtain an indictment of Tom Delay, after shopping eight different Grand Juries, and then tried Delay in the leftist enclave of Austin, Texas, where Delay was wrongly convicted of "money laundering," for obtaining contributions for Texas Republican candidates.  Delay was forced to resign from Congress, and was sentenced to three years in jail for the alleged crime.  His attorneys immediately appealed the 2010 conviction, and the case slowly wound through the appeals process.

Today however, Delay's nightmare was ended when the Texas Appeals Court reversed the conviction, stating that there was no evidence to convict, and that the indictment should never have been brought in the first place.  Delay was therefore formerly acquitted of the charges.

Ronnie Earle is a POS, but his dishonorable and disgraceful abuse of the justice system had its intended effect:  Delay's political career was ended, his reputation unfairly tainted by the false charges, and he was forced to spend great sums of money to avoid jail time from the absurd conviction.

Ronnie Earle is the personification of the Party of Treason, the Democrat Party, where any behavior is judged merely by its success in defeating Republicans, no matter how ruthless, dishonest, dishonorable or corrupt the tactics.  Destroying careers and lives of political opponents is par for the course, as is stealing elections through voter fraud and other schemes.

Ronnie Earle is a complete disgrace and deserves only our deepest contempt.


Stogie said...

What should happen now is Ronnie Earle should be investigated for "Abuse of office." The statement issued by the appeals court "there was no evidence to convict, and that the indictment should never have been brought in the first place" indicates wrong doing. Who knows how many others he may have used his office against? Delay also needs to haul him into court - Wrongful conviction"

Stogie said...

Generally, District Attorneys are protected from lawsuits for their activities in office, but not always. Remember the D.A. in the Duke LaCross case? He was disbarred for his unfounded prosecution of the Duke students.