Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Fruits of Islam: Dead Bodies

Muslims have bombed a church in Pakistan, killing around 70 people.

The Islamic slaughter continues, yet liberal idiots still fret over "Islamophobia."

Wherever evil exists, you will find liberals defending it.

See more here.  The death toll has now reached 81.  It's way past time to punish the jihadis in highly painful ways -- the destruction of their mosques and madrassas, for instance.


Stogie said...

I seems that a British woman who is a convert to Islam and the widow of one of the 7/7 jihadists may be the leader of this jiihad attack on the mall in Kenya.

Robert Spencer has an interesting essay today at FPM. I can't say that I'm as hopeful as he is.

Stogie said...

We are at war with Islam and it's high time we admit it and deal with it.

Stogie said...

Latest reports indicate that she wasn't there. However, her presence in Kenya is well known -- as is her love of jihad.

I hope that the feds are keeping a close eye on the Tsarnaev widow. Her words have been eerily similar to those of the widow of the 7/7 jihadist.

Stogie said...

bombing and destroying a worship place is not allowed in Islam. I think these people involved in such incidents (whoever they are) have no knowledge of Islam.