Friday, September 20, 2013

Leftist Pig Professor David Guth Hopes for Murder of NRA Member Children #NRA

Leftist Goon David Guth, Advocate of Child Murder
Another leftist pig has publicly tweeted something extremely hateful.  Following the latest insane murder rampage at the D.C. Navy Yard, leftist illogically blame the NRA for the 12 deaths.  In what passes for their minds, they associate gun rights with gun murder.  The truth is that there are fewer murders where the people have the right to own and carry guns.

Leftist pig Professor David Guth of the University of Kansas tweeted the following:

Using David Guth's leftist logic, he could just as easily have blamed the NAACP for the murders, since the perpetrator was a black man.  It doesn't really matter, Guth is looking for a scapegoat, a target for his hatred, someone to blame other than the madman who carried out the carnage.  Simpletons need scapegoats because reality is just too difficult for them to understand.

No, Commie Guth, we will keep our guns, because we know there are A-holes in the world like you, who would take away all of our rights in a heartbeat if you could, and we have a need to defend ourselves and those rights.  And may God damn you and the leftist, totalitarian evil that you would visit on us all, had you the chance.

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Stogie said...

You know what? He said something that most Leftists are wishing for in their hearts but will not utter publicly.

Guth has received a suspension. Pfffft. He should have been tossed out without any severance package.

BTW, his title is Professor of Journalism.

Stogie said...

AOW, yes leftists are hard core Stalinists at heart: you will do what they say or they want you dead.

Stogie said...

Ray, you are correct. The great majority of universities are little more than Marxist training centers.