Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Is Venezuela on the Brink of Civil War?

Well, well, it appears that popular opposition to Venezuela's communist leaders is reaching a critical point. Bigger and bigger crowds of demonstrators are rallying against the socialist insanity, and the Marxists are nervous.  This reminds me of Chile in 1973, when communist leadership had ruined the economy and left the people in dire straits.  Massive protests occurred there too, when grocery store shelves were empty and there were no more jobs.  Finally, the Chilean military decided it had to act, and deposed the moronic Marxist Salvador Allende.  American leftists to this day swear to God Almighty that Chile would have become a socialist paradise had not President Nixon "declared economic warfare" on the "democratically elected" Socialist Allende.  Socialism never works, but leftists never run out of excuses for the failure.

Venezuela is now experiencing the same kind of economic dislocation, because socialism destroys prosperity, it never, ever creates it.  You can order a doubling of the minimum wage, as Allende did, and the result will  be widespread unemployment and  businesses closing their doors.  Socialism is a radical religion that believes in a kind of perpetual motion, that you can eliminate production and magically have more, that you can kill the Kulaks and dispossess the producers, and somehow the goodies will just keep flowing like manna from heaven.

Socialism always fails, but there is no end of the fools who will continue to impose it on the populace, thinking that this time it will work.  And if it doesn't, if millions starve, well then, you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

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