Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Far-Fetched Feminist Folly

The Other McCain has a post about feminism today.  One quote bears repeating, as it is, IMHO, the absolute crux of what feminism is all about.  He writes:

...feminism is an ideology developed by lesbian Marxists who hate men. Feminist ideology is therefore not about improving relationships between men and women; it’s about teaching women to hate men, so that all women can become Marxist lesbians.
This is a concise but accurate summation of feminist folly. I noted this very same truth back in the late 70's when a female feminist colleague invited me to see a one woman play in San Francisco, about feminist Virginia Woolf.

The small audience was filled with lesbians (me being an exception) who were all members of NOW (the National Organization for Angry Lesbians Women). My earlier impression was that NOW and its feminist followers were a legitimate movement to support women's rights and improve relations between women and men, particularly in the market place. I was quickly disabused of that notion.  The actress and the audience demonstrated an obvious bitterness and a hostility towards men.

I later told my friend that the NOW members seemed to all hate men, or even wanted to be men themselves. They had no more credibility with me. I was faced with the awful truth, that they were a bunch of kooks.

Note:  by "Kooks" I mean a group of people who believe in weird, implausible, illogical or unnatural ideologies or scenarios.  Kooks rarely have anything beneficial to offer mankind.


Always On Watch said...

Figures. Cultural Marxism is everywhere!

Stogie Chomper said...

Yep. And I should note that I came to my conclusions about NOW and feminism unbiased by any previous impressions or biases. At that time, around 1976 or 1977, I was naïve about such things.