Sunday, March 23, 2014

Brett Kimberlin Whacks Hornets Nest, Complains About Stings

Hogewash post today explains Kimberlin's motion for a preliminary injunction, asking the court to order various bloggers to delete all of their posts since July 7, 2013 that mention Kimberlin.  So we see the essence of what Kimberlin's lawsuits are really all about:  censorship of his critics.  Like most liberals, Kimberlin doesn't want to be held accountable for his misdeeds, and doesn't want anyone writing about them.

As W.J.J. Hoge points out, recent discussions of Kimberlin's crimes, though occurring more than thirty years in the past, are relevant to Kimberlin's current lawfare activities.  They are relevant as well to his possible involvement in related illegalities like SWATting, lying about Kimberlin Unmasked blogsite being a "spoof site" in order to shut it down, and the recent DDOS attack on the new Kimberlin Unmasked website. Kimberlin's past gives clues as to his current behavior and character.  Hoge writes:
Hogewash! got involved with coverage of Brett Kimberlin because of his ongoing anti-First-Amendment thuggery. Any incidental discussion of his criminal past has been to provide context concerning his character.
Based on what I've seen and read, Kimberlin lies as easily as he breathes, so much so and to such an extent that I wonder if he is suffering from a form of dementia, unaware that his delusions sharply differ from reality.

As an example consider this snippet from Kimberlin's lawsuit complaint:

The above statement is a complete falsehood, inserted into a legal filing that is supposed to be made under oath and the penalty of perjury.  Out of "hundreds of blog posts" Kimberlin cannot cite a single specific example of this defamation, mainly because it does not exist.

Now Kimberlin is whining that he is being picked on for crimes thirty-five years in his past, and that he deserves to be able "to live in peace."  Hoge does not disagree, but with a caveat:
Let me be very specific: I believe that Brett Kimberlin has the right to live in peace. But in order to do so, he will need to live a peaceable life himself. Shutupery via lawfare isn’t peaceful.
Since this latest installment of the Brett Kimberlin Saga began, Kimberlin has been anything but peaceful.  He sued Seth Allen, a liberal blogger, because Allen criticized ads from one of Kimberlin's non-profits offering huge rewards for disclosures of Republican malfeasance.  Allen considered the ads to be unethical and/or somewhat dishonest.  Kimberlin sued him, then sued blogger and attorney Aaron Walker for trying to provide Allen with legal advice on how to handle the suit.  Later, Kimberlin lied about Walker physically attacking him in the courthouse, with numerous deputies having to intervene to save Kimberlin.  However, the court house camera filmed the entire scenario, which proved nothing like it happened.  Without this proof, Walker might very well have gone to jail for a crime he did not commit, based on Kimberlin's perjury.  Again, Kimberlin lies as easily as he breathes, and seems incapable of differentiating illusion from reality.  It is not clear to me whether he is evil or possibly just demented.  A psychiatric evaluation of Brett Kimberlin might help everyone concerned, including Brett Kimberlin himself.

Other bloggers heard about the injustice perpetrated on Aaron Walker, and began investigating and writing about his tormentor, i.e. Brett Kimberlin.  Kimberlin then began attacking these other writers.  When three of these writers were criminally SWATed, suspicion naturally turned towards Kimberlin.  Now this was serious, as the crime of SWATing could have gotten these bloggers killed, in a "murder by cop" scenario.

Kimberlin denies he was behind the SWATing episodes.  Nevertheless, since there appeared to be a link (which has been neither proved nor disproved), and with lives possibly at stake, the conservative blogosphere was right to question whether there was a link between Kimberlin and these SWATing episodes.  The attention paid off, in that the SWATings stopped.  Whoever was perpetrating these SWATing episodes apparently felt the heat.

Most of us in the conservative blogosphere would never have known, or cared, who Brett Kimberlin is, or what he did thirty-five years ago, had Kimberlin not launched these vicious lawfare attacks on many people, merely to force them to self-censor.  These legal attacks were not merely to redress a perceived wrong, but appear calculated to do maximum damage to people's lives, reputations and livelihoods.  In short, Kimberlin's activities against bloggers appear hate-filled and vengeful, a form of the "politics of personal destruction," which we see so often from the left.  This is not exactly the "peaceful life" one should be leading if he wants to avoid negative publicity and pushback.

In short, Brett Kimberlin has been whacking a hornet's nest with a stick for some time now  Until he stops, he shouldn't complain about the stings.

NOTE:  Readers are encouraged to correct any inadvertant misstatements of fact, or offer additional facts and insights to this blog post, via the comments section.  Brett Kimberlin is invited to rebut this article as well, subject to counter-rebuttal.


librarygryffon said...

That sounds about right to me (I've been following this for nearly two years). One thing you might want to add is that Kimberlin has been convicted of both perjury and forgery during his rather colorful and violent career. He has forged a summons in his current RICO case (claiming he didn't know it was wrong; this from a paralegal who has filed over 100 lawsuits and who admits to using lawfare to shut people up), and all that makes it nigh on impossible to believe anything he says about anything. If he tells you it's raining out, I'd recommend you check before putting on a raincoat.

Stogie Chomper said...

Thanks Library. This week it dawned on me that Kimberlin may be delusional as well as dishonest. Perhaps he believes the lies he tells and cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality.