Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Stogiemeister Felled by Flu

I started feeling ill last Thursday at work; went home and soon found myself overwhelmed by flu symptoms, evacuating all bodily fluids and toxins from my body via the usual routes.  The worst symptom of the flu, for me, is the vomiting.  I hate that.  For some reason food doesn't taste as good coming up as it did going down.  I imagine it is similar to what Obama voters are feeling today.  It felt much better to vote for the well-dressed, hip, progressive black guy than it does to actually live under his policies.

For some reason, one of my symptoms was a shooting pain at the base of my spine, which later moved around to my right hip.  This phenomenon is also reminiscent of the Obama experience, i.e. a severe pain in the ass.  So not only did I have to exit my bed every quarter hour for a bathroom trip, I got to do it in excruciating pain.

All this after having had an extra-strength flu shot back in October.  I won't complain:  flu shots have kept me flu-free since my last awful bout with the illness, back in November 2000.  Perhaps I was infected by a different strain this time.

On Friday I was better, but slept most of the day, repeating this regimen on Saturday.  Those stick on self-heating pads greatly reduced the pain in my hip.  This morning I can declare myself fully recovered.  Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Obama's America.

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