Sunday, March 02, 2014

Dixon Diaz: Funny Man of FaceBook is a Conservative!

Dixon Diaz is a conservative Hispanic with a great skill for satire, humor and outraging liberals.  I think he is an undiscovered talent, because Dixon is truly FUNNY, all while making salient points about the hypocrisy and stupidity of liberalism.  He expresses his biting satire on FaceBook, most often as a short article, but sometimes as a cartoon.  One of his best cartoons is below.  It describes the Massive Jewish Conspiracy, which every leftist knows penetrates into every crack and crevice of American life.

You can see more of Dixon's work at this link, and do "Like" him on FaceBook to get his latest creations.  The Conservative Blogosphere would do well to disseminate Dixon's work far and wide.

Republished with permission.


ihavenoname said...

Have you ever heard of Le Happy Merchant?

Stogie Chomper said...

I have now, thanks to you. It appears that the Happy Merchant was truly anti-Semitic, but Dixon's cartoon is a lampoon of such attitudes.

Red_Ruffansore said...

Awesome web page, came here because I like the work of Dixon Diaz.

Richard Dickson said...

Firstly, Stalin WAS an ethnic Jew, and look up any (eg .wikipedia) list of jews in Stalin's government. They outnumbered non-Jews, in fact there almost weren't any! Secondly, as for false flags: The USS Liberty Incident, Syrian "Islamic Militants" fighting against Bashar Al-Assad and backed by Israeli air support... Same thing in Lybian "civil war"... The list goes on. Finally, financial aid to Israel has increased by a further $10B per annum under Obama, and America has once again failed to support the UN resolution that Israel's land expansion is illegal under the Geneva Conventions.
Good meme friend but your facts need a little checking.

Stogie Chomper said...

As someone who loves the South and the Confederacy, I am still appalled by the antisemitism there. You are exactly the kind of bigot that Dixon was lampooning.