Saturday, March 08, 2014

Brett Kimberlin's Continuing Assault on Truth and Justice: How About a Lie Detector Test, Brett?

Brett Kimberlin has continued his assault on truth and justice with a second amended complaint in his lawsuit against various bloggers, pundits and companies.  I didn't read it all, as I have read the first two and do not wish to wade though all of that manure again.  It appears to be 90% innuendo, long on ambiguous accusations and very short on specifics.

However, if you wish to read it, you can read it at Hogewash here.

Kimberlin complains about "false narratives" directed at him by the multitude of defendants, for implying that he had anything to do with the criminal SWATtings of conservative bloggers who, just coincidentally, had concluded court disputes with him or had written critical things about him.

I know that lie detector tests are not allowed as evidence in courts of law anymore -- it is too easy to get a false read.  However, I would be happy to accept the results of such a test, voluntarily taken by Kimberlin, that tend to exonerate Brett Kimberlin in the following areas:

1.  Whether or not Brett Kimberlin was in any way connected to the murder of Julia Scyphers, either as one ordering or acquiescing in the hit, or as one concealing the identity of the murderer, or in any other capacity as an accomplice before or after the fact.

2.  Whether or not Brett Kimberlin ordered the Swattings of various conservative bloggers or pundits, or if he knows who did, or is in any other capacity an accomplice before or after the fact.

3.  Whether or not Brett Kimberlin ordered the recent DDOS attack on Kimberlin Unmasked website, or if he knows who did, or is in any other capacity an accomplice before or after the fact.

4.  Whether or not he lied about being physically attacked and injured by Aaron Walker as claimed in his Second Amended Complaint.

The author of the book "Citizen K:  The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin" wrote that when given a lie detector test about the Speedway bombings, Kimberlin's heart figuratively exploded, which tends to indicate Kimberlin is sensitive to questions in a lie detector test, and that such a test would prove reliable.

I also acknowledge that no one is obligated to disprove allegations or suspicions against himself, but in Kimberlin's case, suspicion is reasonable and inevitable in the above issues, given Kimberlin's criminal past and ruthless behavior.  That suspicion will continue until Kimberlin takes susbstantive steps to remove it.

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