Monday, July 10, 2006

Internet Wars Are Raging

Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom suffered a third DDOS attack yesterday, after moving to a new server. He got back up and running and then a resumption of the attack took his site down again. The hatred and illegality of the Left's tactics are laid bare for all the world to see.

The Left and the Muslims share the same hatred of Western Civilization and often use the same tactics. Hackers from Muslim countries like Turkey have launched a number of cyber attacks since the Danish cartoon uproar, targeting Danish and other western blogs and websites.

A single blog can set off the cyber-jihadists. Michelle Malkin reports that Hosting Matters blogs were hacked, causing 100 blogs to go down. The attacks were apparently in retaliation for one blog, Aaron's CC, that posted funny moving cartoon gifs of Mohammed dancing, Mohammed being the bomb head of Danish cartoon fame. Click on the link of Aaron's CC and take a look. Aaron's blog has been down since May and is still not back in operation, but meanwhile he is taunting the cyber-jihadists with many lines of dancing Mohammeds.

These attacks on blogs and websites are serious business, as they disrupt web commerce and suppress freedom of speech. Technology has not yet advance to the point where it can prevent them, but it will. Cell phones were easily cloned a few years ago, wherein thieves would steal phone hours from legitimate users. That problem was solved with better encryption techniques. I believe that eventually, the DDOS problem will be solved too, but for now we have to deal with it.

The only question is: how?

I have been studying computer network security and intrusions for about a year now; it is of primary interest to me in my consulting career, which involves fraud prevention and corporate security. I don't know enough to answer my own question above, but I'll keep studying. Somehow, we need a defensive counter strategy to this internet subversion.

One of the first things you should do is to back up your website regularly, copying the html code into an offline file that can be used for restoration purposes if the need arises.

If there are any fellow geeks out there with good advice, please let us know.

Update on Dr. Demento (Professor Deb Frisch)

Deb Frisch, after apologizing and losing her job for stepping over the line, is back spewing venom again. Many bloggers believe the woman is seriously mentally imbalanced and may be a threat to herself and others.

Check out the latest discussion on Frisch at INDC Journal.

See Michelle Malkin's video on Frisch and other demented Moonbats here.

Quote of the Day: from David French, National Review Online:
Leftist extremists are feeling threatened. Their campus strongholds are under attack by conservatives who refuse to concede culturally vital institutions to people who hate America, hate traditional religious values, and hate virtually all of Western civilization. Unable to defend bankrupt ideas on the merits, campus radicals respond to conservatives with vitriol, abuse, and, increasingly, threats. While they may find this strategy emotionally satisfying, it will only further alienate them from mainstream American discourse and (ultimately) further diminish their power and influence.

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