Saturday, April 10, 2010

About That Strange Malware Warning on Saber Point (MY SITE IS SAFE)

Yesterday, when I attempted to log onto my own site (this one - Saber Point) I got an unexpected surprise.  My browser warned me that my site was unsafe and might damage my computer.  I thought that was complete B.S. so I clicked on the "log-on anyway" button.  Nothing happened, no virus attacks or malware or anything else that was bad. 

Being a paranoid right-winger, I immediately suspected Google, a leftwing company, had set up some sort of false warning to keep visitors off my site.  I quickly rethought that scenario:  why would they?  I'm not that important and my blog is not worth their trouble.

Clifton of Another Black Conservative and my French reader Kate both emailed me, telling me they had received the warning too.  I quickly deleted any recent attachments or embeds to my blog and the problem disappeared.  One of those attachments was the Confederate battle flag, and I suspect that was the source of the malware warning.  I replaced it with a different flag.

I have accessed my site with different browsers this morning and the malware warning no longer appears. 

Using Google, I researched malware warnings on blogs and found that this has happened to several blogs.  The problem is related to html code.  Pernicious html code could possibly be inserted in a target blog through hacking, but also by links, embeds or possibly even comments from readers (my commenting system allows links and html code).

Please let me know if you have experienced a similar problem or if you get any malware warnings while logging on to Saber Point.  However, I believe my site to be safe.

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