Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party in Heart of Silicon Valley: San Jose, California

I attended my first Tea Party so I am now officially a Tea Partier.  I almost didn't go -- at the end of a workday, April 15 to boot, I was feeling tired.  On an impulse, I passed my turnoff towards home and proceeded downtown.  The traffic was horrible and it took me an hour to drive ten miles, but when I got there, I was glad I came.

I walked across the street to Cesar Chavez Plaza and it was filled with conservatives.  I instantly felt at home.  I was among friends.  The crowd was everything I've been told to expect:  smiling, polite, friendly people.  There was no litter on the ground and no gross or extremist signs.  Looks like the "Crash the Tea Parties" goons didn't show up.

I liked this guy's sign.  It was original.

I saw this doll sitting quietly and alone with her sign.  I went over to her and said, "A pretty lady with a sign!"  She flashed me a smile and said thank you.  HUMMMM!  No dear, THANK YOU!

This couple expressed my sentiments exactly.

Here's Lady Liberty and she never looked better.  The California sun has really improved her complexion -- the green pallor has lessened considerably.  Great smile too.  Hubba hubba!

Party like it's 1773!  That was the date of the first Tea Party that was held in Boston.  It was a masquerade affair.  Mohican Indian garb was really big that year.

This group of college kids was the best the Left could come up with for a counter-demonstration.  Even they were quiet and respectful, however, limiting themselves to the far periphery of the crowd.  A couple of "Truthers" also showed up with their "9/11 Was an Inside Job" sign, but that is just so last year.  I didn't bother to run it.  The new loonie-left sign this year is "George Bush was a Sasquatch," but you really have to be cutting edge to know that.

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