Monday, April 26, 2010

Founder of "Draw Mohammed Day" Chickens Out

Via the Washington Post:
Stop the campaign, she wants to get off.
The Seattle artist whose anti-censorship cartoon has helped spawn "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" says she wants no part of the May 20 event, which is gaining momentum online
"I made a cartoon that went viral but [this campaign] isn't really my thing," cartoonist Molly Norris tells Comic Riffs, characterizing her cartoon as merely a personal response to Comedy Central's censorship of a "South Park" episode last week. "Other folks have taken it over" -- an appropriation she says she is distancing herself from.
Read the whole thing.

Was Molly Norris threatened with death too?  All the more reason to continue with the original plan:  On May 20, everyone should draw and post a picture of Mohammed.

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