Thursday, April 08, 2010

Paul of Powerline is WRONG: The Right Proclamation in Virginia

Paul of Powerline is a Lincolnophile, who chooses to believe the false and flattering myths about our most overrated president, one Abraham Lincoln.  Okay, so he loves a white supremacist who ended the consent of the governed, greatly increased the power of the federal government and started a war that killed 640,000 Americans and made war on women, children and civilians.  (And that was when he wasn't busy killing American Indians.)

Paul now objects to the Governor of Virginia issuing a proclamation to honor Confederate history by making April "Confederate history month."  It seems the Governor removed the anti-slavery language from the proclamation that had been tacked on it before. That was absolutely the right thing to do.  The war wasn't about ending slavery and the North largely hated blacks; didn't want them in the new territories, not because they opposed slavery but because they opposed the presence of blacks and the additional political clout that might accrue to the South, enabling it to better resist Northern tariffs. 

Paul says Confederate soldiers were "honorable" even though they fought for the wrong side.  Horseshit, Paul.  They fought for the right side, but the right side doesn't always win.  And when they lose, they have to endure many decades of slander, myth and outright lies.

It is a shame that liberals (and Northern myth zealots like Paul) have politicized history by rewriting it for the purpose of advancing modern political issues.  So Confederate descendants must now apologize for their ancestors at every turn, in order to tacitly approve and confirm the Northern myth, i.e. that the North didn't (illegally and immorally) invade the South for conquest, territory and taxes, but did so because they were morally outraged about slavery, filled with glorious self-righteousness and dedicated to the equality of man, no matter what the price in blood and treasure.  Yeah, right.

I'll tell you what I think, Paul.  The next time any Northern states want to honor Yankees, they should do so, but only with language that denounces Indian genocide, war crimes against civilians, Northern racism, arson and theft, and imperialism against other states and territories (ask the Hawaiians about the latter).

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