Friday, April 09, 2010

Wise Words from a Southern Patriot

Regarding the latest dust-up over Virginia's "Confederate History Month," I got really pissed off.  I hate it when ignoramuses attack the South.  I will always remember the words of a wise man, who wrote:
No Southerner should ever think he will be allowed to defend his homeland and her people without being insulted for it. If you're going to defend the South, you must be prepared to defend it down to the last boll weevil on the scraggliest cotton patch in front of the most decrepit tar-paper shack in Mississippi.

So widespread is anti-Southern prejudice, especially among the intellectual elite, that the man who presumes to defend the South might as well begin by foreswearing any further ambition in life. Assume at the outset that you will be denounced and castigated and exiled to outer darkness, and resolve that this daunting prospect will not deter you from your duty.

Ask yourself this, my Southern friend: Who are these people who insult you, your friends and your family? Why does it give them so much pleasure to insult you? And why do they imagine that you will let the insult pass by unnoticed?
Those are the words of Robert Stacy McCain, a true Southern patriot and gentleman. Yes, Stacy, I am resolved to do my duty.

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