Wednesday, April 28, 2010

God Bless Arizona: More States Should Follow Their Lead

It's disgusting.  Liberals, leftists and the moron in the oval office are slamming Arizona this week.  Why?  Because Arizona voted in a law to enforce the federal law on illegal immigration.  Since the feds won't enforce their own law, the state of Arizona decided to do it for them.

Arizona had little choice.  The state is overrun with illegals (about 460,000 of them), the result of which is a soaring crime rate (e.g. car theft and drug dealing), and overwhelmed public services (such as schools and hospitals) that are forced to give free services to people who don't pay taxes.

Rush pointed out this morning that the Dems want those illegals for their vote-fraud potential, as the Dems are going to need every vote they can scrounge up come November.  Illegal votes will do just as well.

Some California lawmaker has asked Gov. Schwarzenegger to cancel all contracts and contacts with the State of Arizona; meanwhile, a Texas lawmaker has stated that Texas ought to adopt Arizona's new law as its own.

One thing has been very clear to me for years.  Democrats will readily destroy America in the long run for the right to rule it in the short run.  They are willing to sacrifice the future for the present.

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