Saturday, April 17, 2010

Carol's Coup at YouTube

Carol of No Sheeples Here once again shows flashes of genius in blogging.  Some months back she taught herself to make YouTube videos and made a few videos.  Yesterday, however, she had a blogger coup in the release of "We'll Never Say Thank You" to the horse's ass now masquerading as our president.  Obama had the audacity to suggest that Tea Party attendees should thank him rather than protest his policies.  Carol's video shows dramatically how lethal Obama's policies really are.  The only way we could ever thank the radical is if he voluntarily resigned the presidency.

Both Breitbart and Memeorandum picked up the video, giving it wide exposure in the blogosphere.  Congratulations, Carol. 

View her video at the link provided above.

Images:  That's Carol on the left.  Politically, however, we are both on the right.

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