Wednesday, November 03, 2010

"Americans Say No to U.S. Decline"

From the U.K. Telegraph:
While the Conservative-led government in Great Britain has already embarked upon a $130 billion austerity cuts package, shedding nearly 500,000 public sector jobs, the US administration has defiantly remained with its head in the sand, while still talking in terms of further stimulus spending. That position is unsustainable. Dramatic spending cuts (with the exception of national defence) must also be coupled with a pro-growth agenda of lower taxes, private sector job creation, free trade and economic freedom.

After the immense damage of the last two years, the midterms have offered the United States an opportunity to reverse course and get back on its feet. The world needs a powerful, successful, dynamic and prosperous America, where individual liberty and freedom are the driving forces, rather than the overbearing deadweight of federal government. The American people have spoken, and the White House must be held to account.


EM said...

So far, all I have seen is that Americans have said "Not so fast" to U.S. decline. It remains to be seen if they will say "No".

Stogie said...

EM, good point. I do hope the new office holders will not be stupid enough to compromise and cooperate with the collectivists still in power.