Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Vote, November 2nd, 2010

This morning, before having even one cup of coffee, I went to the polls and voted.  So did Mrs. Chomper.  We voted the straight Republican ticket as we generally do.  Okay, as we always do.  We are quite predictable that way.  In the primaries we voted for the Tea Party candidates, but in the general election, we vote for whoever the Republican candidate is.  We voted for Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina, though we didn't vote for either in the primaries.

My voting was fast and efficient.  I always mark up the sample ballot in advance, so that I know who to vote for and what to vote for or against in the propositions.

Whatever you do today, vote, vote, vote.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you & Mrs. Chomper had an uneventful voting experience today. I was surprised that I had to wait in line during early voting. The line was not too long & while waiting I said a silent prayer that if anyone in line was planning to vote Dem that they'd have a super-fast conversion experience.
Of all the incumbents, Barbara Boxer is the one I MOST want to see get creamed. Uh, sorry, SENATOR Boxer; I know she has worked so very hard for that title.
Cheers to Victory!
Courtney in SATX

Stogie said...

Courtney, I feel exactly the same way: the one person in California that I would like to boot out is Barbara Boxer. She is a hateful, arrogant, smug leftist and I want to see her gone!

EM said...

My condolences to you on what appears to be California's massive failure in today's elections. Sadly, it is as we had feared - the American train has left the station and California is left standing on the platform with the anchor of Governor Moonbeam and Company tied around their leg. To switch transportation metaphors: that ship is going to begin sinking to the bottom very fast now, and it is time for any sane people left to abandon ship or go down with it.

Stogie said...

EM, thanks for your comments.

Yes, California is irredeemably leftist and it is truly a disgusting thing. I am happy for the Republican surge today but the victories of the Marxists in California leaves me with a feeling of depression and futility.