Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ted Rall's Death Wish

Ted Rall
One of the slimiest communist toads to ever befoul the air with his breath is Ted Rall, a far-left cartoonist.  He is so depraved that he made fun of the death of Pat Tillman.  Ted Rall hates the United States and minces no words.  Today Big Government reports that Ted Rall and other communists have openly called for violence and revolution on  Marxist MSNBC.  Rall writes in his book An Anti-American Manifesto:
A war is coming. At stake: our lives, the planet, freedom, living. The government, the corporations, and the extreme right are prepared to coalesce into an Axis of Evil. Are you going to fight back? Will you do whatever it takes, including taking up arms?…
I guess I shouldn't be too hard on Ted, though.  I too have occasionally fantasized about violent revolution, with the end result being a liberal hanging from every light post and telephone pole.  I call these dark episodes my "black flag" moments.  They are not to be taken literally or seriously.

But go ahead, Ted; start something.  Start something so we can finish it.  To borrow a phrase, "make my day."  Fulfill my fantasy, Ted.

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Stogie Jr said...

OH YEAH!!!! Please start something so we can finish it. I am begging you to throw the first punch Ted. Good excuse to give this country one hell of a liberal enema!

EM said...

The difference is that when we talk about revolution, we are exercising a free speech right that we honor, from a Constitution that we support, and which people like us have died to defend. When the Ralls of the world talk about revolution, they are exercising a free speech right that they would deny to others, that they despise, that comes from a Constitution that they spit on, that people like them have died to destroy. That makes them hypocrites.

Stogie said...

EM, well said. I think it makes them more than hypocrites, it makes them traitors.

kate said...

Nos gauchistes en France ne valent pas mieux ! Eux aussi préconisent les révolutions , leurs grèves ,leurs manifestations ,leurs appels aux enfants de collèges à descendre dans la rue ,cette fois-çi pour la loi (qui est passée et tant mieux ) sur les retraites, ont été ridicules !

Stogie said...

Kate says:
Our leftists in France are worthless. They too advocate revolution, their strikes, their demonstrations, their appeals to college youth to take to the streets, this time to oppose the law (which was passed so much for the better)on pensions, have been ridiculous!

Bartender Cabbie said...

This Ralls is a nut. Sorry to hear about the death in your family. Those are tough times I know.

EM said...

Yes, you're right, "Traitors" is exactly the word I was looking for.

Anonymous said...

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