Friday, November 12, 2010

Lew Rockwell Slimes Veterans

There's something about that turns my stomach.  Maybe it's the fact that far-left hate-America types are pretending to be conservatives.  In keeping with their usual stomach-churning activity, one paleo-kook named Laurence Vance wrote a hate piece against American veterans.  It's called "Thank a Vet?"  Read it if you have a strong stomach.


Stogie said...

I'm sure Vance has never applied the label "conservative" to himself. Most of the folks who write for are self-styled anarcho-capitalists. Other authors identify themselves as libertarians or classical liberals. The only regular writers who can in any way be considered conservative are Thomas Sowell and Pat Buchanan. You don't have to agree with the people at, but calling them far-left is as absurd as calling them conservative.

Stogie said...

That was just one writer of many who contribute at Lew Rockwell, and I have gotten closer to many of their positions in the three years since I wrote this post. I find a lot of valuable info there now and bear them no ill will.