Sunday, November 07, 2010

Delusional Democrats: the Stogie Report on Incipient Insanity of Libtards

Let's see, we Republicans picked up 63 house seats, six senate seats and a bunch of state legislatures in the election last Tuesday.  It was a historic route of the Democrats and a political tsunami by anyone's measurement.  However, liberals and leftists are spinning it all as a big loss for the Tea Party because even more Republicans weren't elected.

Here's the Stogie Insanity Report for Sunday:
1.  Leftwing websites like Firedoglake are celebrating their great "victory" over the Tea Party.  Well it's good to see the silver lining in every cloud, I suppose.  Yes, it could have been even worse for the Democrats.  Instead of being turned out in record numbers, the voters could have tarred and feathered the bastards and ran them out of town on a rail.   Feel good about yourselves, Democrat activists!  What a great victory for your side!  Let's all sing along: "Happy Days Are Here Again, dum, dum de dum!"

No doubt these delusional Democrats could spin any disaster as a great blessing in disguise.  For example, a nuclear attack on the US would be a bad thing, but at least the resulting nuclear winter would finally put an end to global warming.  Or to use that old standby, "Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"

2.  RINOs like Bloomberg, that giant ass who now runs New York City as mayor, made a statement that the newly elected Republicans are somehow stupid, i.e., they can't read and probably don't even have passports. Another benefit of Tuesday's route is that it has smoked out the stealth Democrats among us, forcing them to show their true colors:  as arrogant, elitist snobs, who think the only way to govern is to bankrupt the government, the citizens, all businesses, wildlife, microbes, minerals and plankton in the sea.  Run up every credit card to its absolute max and then ask for a new debt ceiling.  Tax everything that moves, and if it doesn't move, tax it anyway.  Tax, tax, tax, tax, until all life on earth is obliterated and the planet has become a  frozen ball of ice drifting in empty space....

3.  Democrats everywhere are offering lame excuses for their electoral route.  The key reason they lost:  Obama wasn't enough of an extrovert.

Meanwhile, the female version of Bozo the Clown, Nancy Pelosi, continues to grin widely for the cameras with a cat-who-swallowed-the-canary look of satisfaction on her face, as if she knows something wonderful that the rest of us do not.  Perhaps, when they finally fit her for her strait jacket, they can get one in a soft pink pastel to match her best business suit.



EM said...

In the spirit of partisan cooperation, here's to wishing the Left another "victory" in 2012 just like the one in 2010!

Stogie said...

You said it!