Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here!! And I'm Freezing My Tush Off

In order to smoke my cigars, I am obliged to sit outside in my backyard spot so as to avoid stinking up the house. But baby, it's cold outside...

Our Christmas lights went up on the house today. Tree's not up yet, though.

My band is playing for a Christmas party on the 14th and another on the 21st. So I am learning to play some Christmas songs. I love it.

What do I want for Christmas? I'd really like to get a decent, high definition video cam. I want to make a lot of YouTube videos in 2011 -- I figured out how to do it this year, and it isn't that difficult with the Windows movie maker application, but I do need material. I want to make some music vids most of all.

This year, 2010, I advanced my musical abilities exponentially (I play bass), but I have much more to learn, and learn I will. I'd also like to take some lessons on upright bass from a good professional jazz bassist, but that will require an actual income. I have a tax preparation job lined up for the tax season (Feb 1 through April 15); the pay is lousy but the experience will add to my resume. I am a CPA but my background is in audit and accounting, not so much in tax.

Then if I was to find some fantastic windfall, I'd like to buy a fretless Fender Jazz bass; I don't really need one, I'd just like to have it!

Wifey is still grieving over her mom's death on November 10th and this Christmas will be a bit sadder than most. Her brother the Catholic Priest returns to the Philippines next weekend and we won't see him again for three years.

Still, I think it is time to shake off my melancholy and lethargy and try to squeeze as much living as I can out of life. I want most of all to just play bass, and play it very well, at a professional level. I am late in life and wish I could add 30 years to my life span, just so I could study music and achieve the professionalism that I desire. However, I will play until my fingers bleed until the time I die, and then they will have to pry the bass from my cold, dead fingers!

Merry Christmas!

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Always On Watch said...

My mother passed away on November 8, 1987. For many years, both Thanksgiving and Christmas were painful holidays.