Monday, February 18, 2013

Abraham Lincoln's War Crimes

The current issue of Confederate Veteran magazine has an article "Lincoln's War on Southern Civilians," by Walter Brian Cisco.  Intrigued, I opted to buy the longer version in his book "War Crimes Against Southern Civilians."  It is really an eye-opener.

It is impossible to read of the widespread tyranny, barbarism and mass murder of civilians that the glorious North perpetrated on the South in the War for Southern Independence.  To read the record of Northern atrocities, is to be filled with hatred and disgust for the culprits, the chief of whom was Abraham Lincoln, an odious, evil man.

Here are some extracts from Cisco's book:

To those readers who still think Lincoln a great man, I would only say this: if you knew what we know about the North's barbarous invasion of the Southern states in 1861 to 1865, you too would be Confederates.

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Stogie said...

Now this is a most interesting article on how southerners were actually treated by the Lincoln administration though I doubt if he was aware of what Sheridan and others were doing while he was alive because communications were so limited compared to nowadays.