Sunday, February 24, 2013

Massive Virus Attack Wipes Out Blogger!

Actual Electron-Microscope
Photo of Cold Virus
Yesterday I was felled by a massive virus attack and couldn't work or blog.  The virus, of course, was that of the common cold.  I was flat on my back and spent the day in bed.  The virus, millions of tiny microbes wearing Guy Fawkes masks, has moved into my chest and I now sound like Barry White.  I am hoping for a very short-term recording contract.

Today is band practice day.  Though still recovering, I will attend.  There are some things you just can't miss, i.e., your own funeral, the collapse of the economy, and band practice, the latter being much more fun than the former two.

The microbes are now staging a wild party in my chest. Well it started out as a party and has now evolved into "spring break" for germs. I can put up with the litter, the graffiti, the traffic and even the pot smoke, but couldn't they at least turn down the loud music? Sheesh!


Stogie said...


The virus has been working its way through my classes. So far, I have escaped being felled. But my hands are raw from using hand sanitizer.

Feel better soon, Stogie. You've got to be up and running for tax season.

Stogie said...

AOW, I have a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk, and use it frequently, but the bugs got through anyway. You're right about the tax season.

Stogie said...

Yikes, Gary! Those microbes are right old barbarians!

Vitamin C; zinc supplements; fresh chopped garlic in a glass of gin. You'll be sorted in no time.

Stogie said...

Rick, I tried hot tea with Jim Beam and freshly squeezed lemons. Tasted great but the bugs thought it was my contribution to the party. They drank it all and began mumbling something about "the 99 %."