Monday, February 04, 2013

Barack Obama Firing AK 47 (Photoshop)

Obama Reaching Across the Aisle
Obama recently released a photo of him firing a rifle.  The White House stipulated that use of the photo should not include manipulation, i.e., Photoshop.  Yeah right.

Many others have Photoshopped the picture, and here's mine.  It doesn't really have a message, I did it to prove my Photoshop skill and for fun.  I took the original picture, increased the height of the photo to show more of Obama's legs, put bullet belts around his waist, and replaced the skeet shooting rifle with a Russian AK 47 automatic rifle with banana clip (talk about assault rifles).  Spent bullet shells can be seen flying into the air while Obama mows down....who?  The Constitution, perhaps.  Fox News?  The Second Amendment?  American prosperity?  Individual liberty?

Or maybe he's just testing the weapon before shipping thousands of them to Egyptian and Syrian armed forces, so they can better oppress their citizens and attack Israel.

The original, unretouched photo can be viewed here.

Update:  See next post where I found a better use for this Photoshop.

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Stogie said...

Well done. And thanks for the comment at The Constitutionalist's Corner.