Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two Black Men: One an Inspiration, the Other a Monster

Dr. Benjamin Carson, Saves Human Lives
This past week we have been introduced to two black men:  one is an inspiration and role model, the other an evil bastard who murdered innocents.

The inspiration was Dr. Benjamin Carson, a brilliant and highly skilled neurosurgeon, who criticized Obama's policies at a national prayer breakfast.  His criticism was gentle but accurate, resulting in praise from conservatives and criticism from the left.

Dr. Carson's life and career are truly amazing, and he is an inspiration not only to young blacks, but to any and all Americans desiring to maximize their human potential.  He has provided great value to the human race with his surgical innovations and his ability to teach medical students.  This is in addition to the many lives he has saved.  Because he has lived, the world is a better place.  Because he has lived, many who would be dead are alive.  You can read more about Dr. Carson at the Blaze, and see his speech at the national prayer breakfast and answer his critics on Hannity at this link.

The monster was Christopher Dorner, an ex-Los Angeles policeman inspired by leftist ideology and resentments, who murdered four people, two civilians in cold blood, one police officer in an ambush, and a sheriff deputy during a shoot-out in Big Bear Lake, California.

Dorner was motivated by revenge against the Los Angeles Police, who fired him five years ago for filing a false report.  Once he launched his killing spree, many lowlife blacks and leftist whites openly supported him on Twitter, urging him on and celebrating his survival and his killing of police officers.

Christopher Dorner, Murdering Scumbag
Christopher Dorner was a loser, a low-life, a murderer.  The world would be a better place had he never been born.  It is a better place now that he is dead.  Had he never lived, four worthy, valuable people who would now be alive are dead.

Dorner and his supporters on Twitter underscore the fact that prejudice against the black race is largely deserved.  (A high rate of violence, racist hostility to whites, all accompanied by a really bad attitude -- what's not to like?) However, everyone is an individual, and there is an enlightened remnant of the black race who are truly exceptional human beings.  Ben Carson is one of those, while Dorner is merely another segment in the continuing saga of black criminals = dead cops.


Stogie said...

I have long admired Dr. Ben Carson. I personally know one child whose life he saved -- when all other neurosurgeons had held out no hope whatsoever.

He's retiring from neurosurgery in June and may not rule out entering politics.

Stogie said...

He is a great and good man.