Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lawrence Auster Losing His Fight With Cancer

Lawrence Auster, who has been battling pancreatic cancer, experienced a devastating setback this week.  Cancerous lesions were found in his brain.  Larry is in the hospital where his doctors are planning radiation to slow the brain cancer, possibly giving Larry a few more months of productive life.  However, the end is in sight and Larry seems at peace with it.  He writes:
The treatment they’re looking at is radiation therapy for four weeks, which would stop the physical and mental deterioration that would otherwise immediately occur and that might give me several more months of functional life before decline and death. Tomorrow the doctors are doing a lumbar puncture to see if cancer cells have gotten into the spine and we will discussing treatment further.

I’m now in the hospital for the second night. It’s my first time staying in a hospital in my life—except for when I was born. It’s a pleasant, peaceful place from which to embark on one’s last journey. I’ve been reciting Homer to my friend.
 Cancer is a deadly disease, and though medical science has made great progress in its treatment, much remains to be learned.  There comes a time in a person's life when he or she must accept that God is calling them home, and make preparations for that final journey.


Stogie said...

Pancreatic cancer is always a death sentence as far as I know.

Back in 2010, I lost my dearest aunt to pancreatic cancer.

Stogie said...

Yes, it is always a death sentence. Still, you always hope that the latest case will prove an exception to the rule.