Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crazy Old Coot Murders Black Teenager For No Reason

Murderous Old Coot John Spooner
There's a big difference when a white man shoots and kills a black teenager without any provocation:  We non-black folks recognize murder when we see it, and do not view the crime through a racial lens.  Personally, I hope they strap this asshole to a gurney and start the drip, sometime soon.

A 76 year-old white coot did the deed, shooting and killing a 13 year old boy who was gathering the trash bins in front of his house.  John Spooner, 76, confronted the boy and accused him of burglarizing his home.  He demanded to know what the boy had done with the shotguns he had allegedly stolen from Spooner's house in Milwaukee.  The boy denied anything to do with the theft, but Spooner then executed the boy with a shot to the chest.  The boy died, cradled in his mother's arms, after she rushed to his side.

Spooner was convicted of the murder; in fact, he admits to killing the boy, claims it was "justice, not murder."  Spooner's own surveillance camera filmed the murder, providing absolute proof of his guilt.

Now there's the difference between the black population and the rest of us.  The former wouldn't care a damn if a black man shot a white kid -- in fact, black on white murder is fairly common.  But we non-blacks care about an innocent kid being killed, no matter what his color.  We are able to recognize right from wrong, justice from injustice.  Unlike most blacks, we do not determine guilt or innocence by skin color.  

Having said that, let me assure the black population that you are NOT going to murder George Zimmerman, or frame him in any future trial, and you are not going to beat up, rob or murder random whites or Hispanics as "pay back" for Trayvon Martin, who quite frankly earned the bullet that killed him (and I say that with no joy in that awful truth, as I deeply regret Trayvon's waste of his own life).  You are not going to perpetrate these injustices, not without incurring repercussions.

What goes around comes around.  Continuing show trials of Zimmerman, and continuing black on white/Hispanic racism and crime will not be tolerated.  We are sick of the hypocrisy and double standards.


Stogie said...

I note that Spooner lived in Wisconsin -- home to Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein, BTW -- and not in the American South.

Stogie said...

They are making a big deal about the fact that we should not racially profile. That is fine with me, lets get rid of affirmative action as that is nothing but racial profiling.

Stogie said...

Yes, it is way past time to stop discriminating against non-blacks. After all the governmental assistance to blacks for all these years, they are still the problem child of the American family. Time to let them sink or swim on their own merits.